Crazy day. Haven’t even looked around the blogosphere to see what others are say…probably all the same about how it’s best to stay in cash but one strategy isn’t best for all. It’s times like these that we’re either going to get a dead cat bounce or an apocalyptic sell-off that will be another one of Doug Kass’s “generational lows”….Yes, that was sarcasm. I instantly lose respect for anybody who tries to pick a bottom – even if they happen to be right.

Another record day of traffic at Zentrader. People definitely are scared, but fear begets fear.

98.3% of today’s volume is on the downside. I don’t recall it ever being this lopsided.

Lots of information to go over so tonight is going to be a two video night and I still managed to run out of room in the 2nd video.


It’s no wonder why I never pay attention to the media. It’s designed to stir up emotions and cause you to act out of character. Hat tip to fellow zentrader reader Dave for sending me this pic from our nation’s capital. I’m a little shocked the font isn’t twice as big as it is.

3 Responses to “I Have No Edge for Buying Capitulation”

  1. chris Says:

    felt we needed 2 more videos!!!

  2. Chris Says:

    Nice videos, Jeff. Good call on the zig zag pattern.

    It seems the H&S is in play. So that could mean 1150. Next week should be interesting!

  3. syd Says:


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