By Charlie Brown

The digital marketing revolution is unstoppable and for most business marketers, the fast pace at which new promotional technologies are emerging is almost dizzying. From social media marketing, webinars, and video conferencing to email marketing, trying to keep up with every marketing trend that comes into the market is virtually impossible. In fact, many businesses are counting losses from their reactionary digital marketing campaigns.

While digital tools come with an array of advantages, traditional marketing techniques is still very effective. Among the most effective of these strategies is trade show marketing. If you are missing out on trade exhibitions because they are old school, then you are missing out big time. These shows still remain the best way to market your products, services and business.

Why Trade Show Booths Still Matter

If you are still not convinced about the power of trade shows, consider these benefits:

– Lasting impressions if done right
– Incredible face-to- face marketing events
– High lead generation potential
– Direct sales opportunities to a select target audience
– Cost-effective networking and advertising
– Low-cost barrier that levels the marketing field
– Great for testing a new product in the market
– Great for gathering market knowledge on industry

These are just a few of the benefits your business enjoys by participating in trade fairs. However, to maximize on these events, you need to get the best trade show booth design ideas. Your booth is the face of your business and it is important to put more thought into how you set it up.

Your booth will determine whether you are attracting foot traffic and whether you can use the event to convert. Of course you have heard many businesses complain about poor ROI during trade exhibitions but the problem could have been in the execution of their booth right from the start.

To maximize on trade show marketing, consider the following:

1. Your Goals and Business Needs

Among the main goals your business can achieve include brand awareness, lead generation, new product launch, direct sales and market research among others. Make sure you define a purpose to avoid wastage of resources; if you are keen on brand awareness, there is no need to focus on individual products, for instance.

2. Determine What You Need

Among the important trade show marketing tools you need at your booth include business cards, company profile, fliers, product samples, sign-up sheets to collect leads, audio-visual presentations and giveaways including branded merchandise.
3. Enhance Your Trade Show Booth

You have to adopt new design ideas to make your booth stand out. The shape, size, design and technology used at your booth will determine how attractive it will look to the visitors. You can choose from linear booths, perimeter, peninsula and island booth designs depending on your business. Display lighting should enhance both the aesthetics and functional capacity of your booth. Get creative with the wall because there is limited room at trade shows and you need to maximize on every available space.

Promotional giveaways, pre-show booth meetings, interactive booth ideas, experienced sales people and integration of social media are some of the other ideas you can use to get the most out of a trade show.

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