…and I mean everybody. Whose left to push this market higher? When the majority of the crowd are buying call options, it’s time to start looking at the other trade. Sentiment is very one sided after today’s big push higher. Ideally I’m hoping for a gap up on Monday to short into. It will be a tough trade to put on, but I think it may be the smart one.



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  1. Tag Says:

    I am thinking it will "Hopefully" be a Gap & Crap play…

    I dipped my toes into the short pool in the last 30 mins…

  2. Tag Says:

    agreed, my position is earlier…your chart going back 3 years has not had a lower put/call level…

    it was a gut feeling based on the action today, setting monday "close of clunker day" for the gap and crap play… no sitting on hands monday morning now…

  3. Tag Says:


    Anyway I can do an edit to a post…

    Looking at a chart of Nasdaq – on a horizontal trendline this level was touched and bounced off: 7/98, 12/01, 1/05, 10/05, 7/06

    My only point is lots of past action at this level- we are close….

  4. Lioncub Says:

    I am short on T and LVS. I was closely watching T Bid x Ask sizes and except in the last 30 mins, i never found Bid size less than Ask size. Usually this will indicate an upmove but interestingly, the stock price was being maintained at 25.99 and 26.. lot of buying was done at that levels. Is there anything that anyone can/should understand from such scenarios?

  5. Lioncub Says:

    I have been trying to figure out the reason why it so happened and here are the sequence of events happened since yesterday:
    a)In cnbc, they were saying that many stocks closed at strike prices on options expiry. Sounded interesting.
    b) Then i googled and found something as 'maximum pain' at option expiration..

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