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The market decline into the end of the week is front and center in everyone’s mind.  The decline is right in line with my projections,  we were expecting this, and have our strategy in tact going forward.  I will note that on Friday, the DOW Jones timing signal is now solidly bearish, the NASDAQ and TSX are however still bullish.  We are not in the bear camp yet and we will likely see another rally before the markets put in a top.  From last weeks update:

Be prepared for a potential market pullback near January 22nd-February 7th.  A market rally again near February 10th-April 13th.


There could be some continued consternation about this pullback into next week and I want to address each of our positions individually, as well as our watch list, as we look to benefit from another bump up in the markets in February.  The financials (banks), the dollar, and the US Treasury (debt ceiling) are all showing stress in the U.S. natal chart now and into next week.  Obama is asking for an increase in the debt ceiling that is due to expire February 7th.  We will likely see more money flowing into the Treasury near February 9th.  The date February 9th should be noted, and seems also very significant for the bond market (TBT likely moving higher).  We are likely going to see rate increases and inflation again near this date.  I will also caution, there will likely be another sudden change in rates near June 20-22nd.

I have suggested a potential market correction in first half of April.  As a reminder, it was April 23, 2013 when a false tweet about a bomb at the white house sent the markets reeling.  Oddly, April 23, 2014 comes up in the astrology as a very serious threat to the dollar and international currencies, I also see potential for another U.S. down grade near June 22nd..  At the same time Gold looks to be having another very strong rally.  These are longer term projections to keep in mind going forward as we plan our trades and take new opportunities.  Jeff is beginning to see some stocks that are looking like short trade opportunities in coming weeks.  For now we are going to continue to manage our current long positions and advise entry levels for our watch list.


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