By Jenny Potter

‘Effortlessly Gift Your Beauty to the world. Flowers Do It All of the Time’- Sue Krebs

When it comes to gifting something special to your dear ones, flowers can be the best option. You may not know that flowers reflect your heart. When you gift a red rose to your crush on Valentine’s Day, it is clear that you are offering love to that person. You may gift anything precious to the special one in your life, but the impact of a flower is intense. On any occasion, the flower has its own value. From weddings to funerals, baby showers to birthdays, flowers are seen on all events. They have the power to bring a smile on faces and wipe out all the distress of the person whom you are giving it. To make the impact stronger, you need to know which flower is suitable for which kind of occasion.


If you present a bouquet to the bride, she will love it. Flowers will carry the warmth of your heart to the newlywed couple who are going to start their new life. According to experts, seasonal flowers are the best options to gift on weddings. If the wedding is during the fall or winter, a bouquet of dark and bright colored flowers will be the best option.


While gifting flowers on birthdays, the best thing will be to know the personal choice of the person. Prepare a beautiful bouquet and add a handmade card with heartfelt wishes. The birthday girl/boy will love it. If you don’t know their choice, go for something bright and colorful. Follow flower gifting guide to know more.


No matter how much expensive gift you present to your wife, a surprise bouquet in the mid of her work will make her the happiest. Combine a fruit basket or gourmet with flowers and enjoy the twinkle in her eyes. If you are gifting flowers at the anniversary of any relative or friend, try to make it sophisticated and don’t forget to add a personal touch. A beautiful message will do.

Christmas cactus with red and pink flowers will remind you of the elves from the North Pole. The famous Christmas flowers are holly, Christmas Amaryllis, etc., which you should gift with lively green leaves.

Get Well Soon

Your friend is suffering from illness and nothing can change her mood. Yes, flowers can bring back the sparkle to her eyes and the smile on her lips. Bright cherry flowers, especially the red and yellow ones, will be the perfect gift to wish your buddy ‘Get Well Soon’. Gift it in a beautiful flower basket.


In a student’s life, there is nothing more glorious than this day. All your efforts bring colors and you put one step ahead towards the hardship of the world. There is nothing better to wish your sister congratulation than bright colored lilies.

Author Bio – Miss Jenny Potter owns a flower boutique and is an expert in making beautiful bouquets. Her flower gifting guide helps her customers; and now, she is sharing her thoughts in her blogs to help many.

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