I recently had a laptop crash so I was looking around for external hard drive space to store ebooks and other files that I wanted to have a backup copy of. The neat thing about Dropbox is that you can share specific folders with people so they can have access to whatever you put in that folder. Easy way to get material in someone else’s hands without having to send big files through email.

You start off with 2 free gigs and can get more space (up to 10 gigs I think) when you introduce it to others and they download it. So what are you waiting for….download it already! I’ve seen similar services chart anywhere from $10-$20/month and if Dropbox is offering it for free I say more power to them.

Here’s the link!

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  2. Mark DeSharq Says:

    I use Mozy myself but that's only cos my accountant is using my spare external hard drive to back her hard drive up using Mac's Time Machine. She hasn't had to restore yet so no word on how that's working. Mozy seems to do a good job although come to think of it I haven't had to do a restore yet either.


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