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The problem for the Federal Reserve with this rare transit and T-Square is their delusions of grandeur get a smack when another transit with Saturn comes in at the same time.   As I wrote on Oct 9th,  Saturn could come in as the jail warden threatening to lock them up!  I believe this is exactly what happened when MF Global was shut down on Monday.  We are most likely just at the beginning of this finance debacle.

The potential for this event to morph into something even bigger is a 11 on a scale of 1 to 10.  Saturn square Jupiter in the Fed chart is in definition a moral crises and also suggests bankruptcy.  Saturn will make another retrograde in 2012 and sit square to the Fed Jupiter from May into July.  June of 2012 will be another very intense time in the markets.  There could be more banks involved and what gets exposed is really not a mini Lehman but actually a Lehman on steroids.  I haven’t even gotten to the Greek mess yet!

3 Responses to “The Fall of MF Global”

  1. Financial Ben Says:

    What do you think our timeframe is?

  2. Karen Starich Says:

    Do you mean the time frame for the MF scandal to worsen? It is bad right now as there are no buyers for MF Global. Maybe they will call Warren Buffet.

    Attorney’s phone lines are probably very busy

    A good ole fashioned credit union is probably a welcome place to park your money.

  3. Financial Ben Says:

    Well, you mention that this is only the beginning, and that on the scale of 1-10 it’s an 11. It could turn out to be a “Lehman on steroids.” Do you think that will be in June of 2012 like it seems? I guess that’s what I mean as “time frame.”

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