By Charlie Brown

Working with a financial advisor is one of the best things you can do if you want to be more successful financially. The advisor will help you know how much you really own, how much you owe and what you should do to improve yourself. The best thing is that financial advisors are legally obliged to act in your best interest. They normally charge a flat fee or a commission. If you are thinking about hiring a wealth manager, there are a number of things you need to look at.

Educational qualifications

You cannot just hire a financial advisor based on experience alone. For the advisor to provide the best services, he must have attained a reasonable educational level. He should also have training that makes him qualified to act in the role of an advisor. All in all, this does not mean that you should overlook his professional experience. Conventional training can only teach so much.

Professional designation

Another important thing you will have to look at is the designation of the professional. The best service provider needs to be a CPA/PFS or CGP®. These professionals have broad knowledge in financial management. You should also be wary of professionals that have a long list of initials after their name. Having more initials is not a bad thing but you need to ask questions about the initials and what they mean. You need to understand the relevance of that designation prior to hiring.

Professional experience

When it comes to the search for a Gainesville, GA wealth management firm, you want to settle for one that has been in business the longest. This is because more experience means having more knowledge to understand various situations and learning how best to handle them. One thing you need to note is that experience cannot be bought with fancy offices or designations. You need to ask questions on how many years the service provider has been in the business and how many people he has helped.

Good history

Having a lot of experience is not enough. You need to understand the history of the advisor before hiring. Start with where they came from and then take a look at consumer complaints. Which other occupations did they work in? The more you know about an advisor the better. Too many negative reviews are a red flag.


The last thing you want is to work with an advisor that never takes the time to listen to you but rather only talks about himself. The best advisor needs to be a good listener. He should also ask you the tough questions. If all the advisor does is talk about himself, there is a good chance his huge ego will not fit in your conference room.


Last but not least, the right financial advisor should be transparent. He should be upfront on things like how they charge, conflicts of interest, history of complaints, how they work and what you need to expect and more.

Finding a list of financial advisors in your area is easy thanks to the internet. Finding the most qualified advisor, on the other hand, takes special considerations. The above points will help get started on the right path.

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