By Charlie Brown

For the best outcome, you want to use the best criminal records database to carry out background checks. The good news is that you can easily find websites offering you these services. You can also outsource these background checks to agencies that do this for organizations and individuals. Your options will depend on frequency of use among other considerations.

When you opt to carry out the process yourself, you want to end up using the best website that will give you the information you need. You should therefore look for certain features in these websites that will allow you to work with the best in the field. To this end, carryout some comparison checks that will point you to the most ideal database that will serve your needs well.

Extensive database

The database should have records of as many people as possible. With the nation filled with millions and millions of people, you want to be sure that the database will cover as many of these people as possible.

You should have an assurance that no matter who you come across, you can easily verify the presence of a criminal record or not. When you work with a database that is not extensive, the chances of hiring a person with a criminal past increases substantially since the information may not be in such a database.

Detailed background information

The database should not just be extensive but the information you get from it should also have enough details. You want to know more about the criminal record as the information you get will inform you of how much of a threat the person is. If, for example, the information in the database shows that the person has no recent criminal records, such a person may not be a present threat. The information should also indicate what the criminal act was. It could be a criminal act that is not relevant to your business and therefore having the employee there may not necessarily compromise your business.

Easy to use features

The website should be easy to use. Most will require you to just key in the name and date of birth. The process should not be complex. The results should also be fast. You may be pressed for time and require the information as soon as possible. You may also have a long list of names to put through the crime records search. You want a smooth process that will help you get the task done in no time. The website should be compatible with your devices such that it will not limit the platform from which you carry out the search.


You should of course pay an affordable amount to carry out the check. The charges are important as you do not want to pay more than you should. Some websites have flexible payment terms. Others consider those who carry out the background checks a lot. They can pay a monthly fee with an unlimited number of checks. Choose the site that while having the most appeal to your budget also offers you useful detailed information that you can use.

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