Over the next decade there are a series of eclipses and rare planetary alignments that could increase the odds for silver to reach parity with gold.  In the next couple of months we could begin to see more movement of gold investors into silver and the possibility of a new silver coinage law getting passed.  Historically the gold and silver markets have not been compatible.

The banks, who are the primary holders of gold, have historically tried to diminish silver since the repeal of the Sherman Act in 1893 which ended a (15:1) bi-metallic currency in America.  The repeal was instigated by the big banks and JP Morgan to diminish silver and repeal silver coinage, which was providing wealth to the people, and force money back into gold which the banks held.  This process was repeated in the 1980’s with the conspiracy of the Hunt Brother’s to drive up the silver market and then pull the rip cord to again diminish silver as wealth and a good investment.  In both cases gold was the beneficiary as well as the bankers and hoarders of gold.  It will take more than 30 years for silver to recover the losses from 1980 and as of yesterday (nothing to cheer about yet) silver moved out of a ratio of 50:1 to 49.86:1.  Silver has a long way to go.

There could be some interesting changes in the ratio of silver to gold leading up to a very rare total eclipse at 0 degree Cancer (silver) on June 21, 2020 that is the reverse of the 0 degree Capricorn (Gold) eclipse in 1889 that led to the repeal of the Sherman Act.

The Ratio Between the Sun and The Moon is 1:1

There is an interesting phenomena that is unique to our solar system.  In financial astrology the Sun= gold and the Moon=silver.  From the perspective of the Earth the ratio between the Sun and the Moon is 1:1 and this is why we have eclipses.  There is nowhere in the universe where three celestial bodies have this kind of coincidence.  The Sun is 395 times larger than the Moon and 395 times farther away from the Earth than the Moon.  The two appear the same size when viewed from the earth because of the distance and the size.  It would be quite a phenomena if silver goes to $395 and gold drops to $395.

The following is by Karen Starich, who uses astrology to forecast events in the financial markets. Check out Astrology Traders for specific dates and in-depth analysis of future events in the various markets she covers.

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3 Responses to “Financial Astrology: 1:1 Silver to Gold Ratio”

  1. Lioncub Says:

    Ahem! This is an interesting fact and I too believe, everything happens for a reason, not random.

    Though Sun rules Gold and Moon rules Silver by nature, every lunar year and month, the in-charge ruler changes and during the past one year, I have been seeing that working. The in-charge rulers and natural rulers, both affect the price movements in PMs and markets. Add to it the complication of day lords. 🙂

    Based on this theory, I expect to see the price of copper drop and from 12th March, i expect copper, gold and may be silver to see up move.

    Happy Trading!

  2. Anup Agarwal Says:

    I am a gold trader from India and would love to subscribe your gold reports. pls let me know the formalities & would be great if you send any sample reports regards

  3. jeff pierce Says:

    Thanks for your interest in what we do.

    Just go to Astrologytraders and sign up. You won’t be charged until after the 2 week trial is over and you can cancel anytime through paypal before that time is up. It’s completely no hassle to unsubscribe if you aren’t completely satisfied with our information. Once a subscriber you’ll receive the last 6-8 months of subscriber updates. We archive the rest which can be purchased a la cart.

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