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The following is an excerpt from last Sunday’s premium report by Astrology Traders.  All of our trades are verfied by Marketfy and you can view our trading history here, where our average trade gain in 13.9% and a 90% win percentage.

From my perspective the shift makes sense as the lunar eclipse that followed the September bottom in consumer staples made a square to Pluto in the U.S. 2nd house of earning power and revenue.  Pluto also rules taxes and insurance.  The implication here is the public is not in favor of permanent changes or destroying the old health insurance traditions, possibly resonating in a way the government either cannot control or navigate around very well.  This is certainly going to intensify–ie.more media twisting of the facts– there will be another lunar eclipse square to the U.S. Pluto in April–exactly on April 15th, tax day for all of us who actually pay them.

For the Federal Reserve and the banks the lunar eclipses are a harbinger of intense and complicated financial schemes that are at risk of falling apart.  These lunar eclipses are squaring the Federal Reserve Neptune, ruler of all things pertaining to financial schemes, illusions, and the media.  Neptune rules the 12th house of “self-undoing”, so get ready for the media holograms as the Fed navigates the pitfalls of financial bargains hanging in limbo.

I want to add here my personal view on what is happening within the Fed.  On Easter Sunday this year my analysis in our published update included a description for a critical date on September 18th.  In the update I noted that on September 18th there would be a block to a serious agenda, or injustice, coming from the power elite.  Looking back we see that war with Syria was averted.  Interestingly, the discretionary spending noted above also reached a short term top on September 19th.  Since then the indicator for spending has attempted to recapture the upward trend, but now is looking like it’s ready to fall apart.  In my view it looks manipulated, but the manipulation is not working–and that’s the power of the lunar eclipse– reflecting the conditions affecting the ‘common people.’  The government may have changed its course, not because a better plan emerged, but because the people changed the Algos.


There is another equally important date emerging in 2014, similar to September 18th, I will be writing about it on January 18th.

The Markets

We will be providing trading analysis all along the way in the coming year, navigating these twists and turns through risk/reward setups that materialize .  There are some good portents for 2014, but not a clear path like we had in 2013 in my view.  Our strategy of scaling into positions will continue as we manage our risk with staggered position entries.  I continue to like the solar, auto, education, and new technology as indicated in my analysis.  Short positions may materialize, however keep in mind that stocks behave quite differently when in a downtrend.

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