By Karen Starich

I was very vocal about a potential Obama defeat.  Although the outcome is a surprise I am not shocked.  Mercury turned retrograde on election day and there could be a twist to this outcome.  Mercury retrogrades are notorious for bringing changes and exposing mistakes.  It might be difficult to carry on with this presidency if it was not the will of the people and if the outcome was manipulated or forced.

The retrograde is oppose Obama’s moon and Saturn is at the same time making a harsh inconjunct to his moon.  The outcome of these transits could materialize near November 15th if there is a further scandal. I am suspect about the Saturn transit as there is a military connotation, perhaps the election was forced under the threat of a military action and I question the presence of a Russian nuclear submarine off the east coast during a highly contested presidential election.

Neptune will move direct on November 10th and will trine the U.S. Venus again in 2013.  The influence is very positive for the economy and real estate, providing a benefit to the nation regardless of who would be elected.  The auto industry and manufacturing could also show signs of growth now that Pluto is direct and in mutual reception to Saturn.

The question going forward will be how the election outcome effects the mood of the country and continued gridlock.  We could see a turn of events, and I will call  it a  ‘shape shift’ for the nation near December 26th when Saturn and Pluto make an exact sextile in mutual reception.  The transit will occur again March 8, 2013 and September 21, 2013.  This type of transit is very rare and I will call it a “Hail Mary Pass” for the nation that could bring a change that is supportive for America.

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10 Responses to “Financial Astrology: An Election Scandal?”

  1. c thomas Says:

    Published studies stated, polling psychics and mediums only one said Obama would lose, all others said a Obama win.

  2. pimaCanyon Says:

    Highly contested election? Yes, the popular vote was close, but the Electoral College, the only vote that counts, gives Obama a very clear victory.

    FWIW, two well respected and accomplished Hindu astrologers (Hindu astrology a.k.a. jyotish a.k.a Eastern astrology) predicted an Obama win based on the dasha periods that Obama and Romney were in, as well as the strength of their natal charts and the transits those charts.

    I very much respect (and admire!) your work and appreciate the accuracy of your financial forecasts, but astrology has different ways of looking at the same thing, especially if you consider the difference between jyotish and Western astrology. In some cases Western astrology makes a more accurate forecast; in other cases jyotish is more accurate. Both systems are valid and both work very well. I don’t know of any astrologer who bats 1000. Your work appears to be close to that, but once in a while a forecast may not pan out. No one expects 100 percent accuracy!

    We’ll see about the possible trickery.

    One difference between Western and jyotish is that jyotish considers a planet to be stronger when it’s slowing down and/or stationary, so the fact that Mercury was stationary yesterday would have made it stronger according to jyotish. In jyotish, Mercury rules the intellect, so I find it difficult to see how a stronger Mercury would have been bad for the election process. Mercury retro, maybe. But it wasn’t retro until late in the day. Also, Mercury retro happens 3 times a year, so the US has had many elections during a Mercury retro time, right?

    Just my thoughts.

  3. Karen Starich Says:


    Thank you for your comments.

    Over time I think more will be learned about this election. I use Obama’s natal chart, which may not be his ‘real’ chart as many speculate he was not born in Hawaii. Neither candidate was good in my opinion and the nation will need to strive to hold onto our values regardless of this election.

  4. Davey Says:

    Probability of Obama legally sweeping all battle-ground states? Not likely. Yes fix was in. 15 million illegals in US and many vote! I live in AZ. Common knowledge that all fake ID required for illegals readily available in border towns for about $200 as part of the “package deal” illegals pay for when being brought across border. 15 million illegals openly living in the USA, accessing hospitals, shopping, buying houses, receiving billions in federal aid, even billions in alternative minimum income tax. Why would anyone believe they do not also vote for president who promises to let them stay? Limited ID required to vote. More ID required to get a job or buy a house than required to vote.

    “shape shift” on 26 Dec probably associated with the “fiscal cliff” of sequestration we are facing. Kick the can down the road (vote to extend everything as is) leads to March transit. you discussed.

  5. Steve Says:

    Come on, financial astrology in some ways is not unlike the stock market itself – one play’s the probabilities but is never right all the time. A winner was chosen by the people despite all of the conspiracy theories out there. Move on.

  6. Davey Says:

    Of course. Got to move on. No time machines to return to the past. No sour grapes on my part, just an observation on reality. Personally I did not like either candidate. But always good to look outside the matrix and observe reality to enhance our ability to prepare for the future. Yes astrology is probabilities. Any astrologer who hit 100% would “disappear” to a remote island where under guard they would chart the future for Mr / Ms Big (whoever that may be).

  7. JGDillon Says:

    President Obama may have won but he may later wish he had not. Neptune and Saturn are going to cause/describe much anguish for him in the next two years especially if he puruses selfish ego goals. Feb-May are full of pitfalls. Watch for the full moon of May 25 2013 for a possible culmination of scandal. Provided his Birth Info is authentic.

  8. sj Says:

    I can’t believe you are surprised about the results of the election.
    Just look at the exit polls…95% of people who voted for obama felt he would win while only 75% people who voted for romney felt he would win. Also from a practical standpoint, romney lost the black, latino, and women vote. You can’t win this election without that and that will be a mainstay in US elections in the future.

    And I have no idea why people are so upset at an obama win. Every liberal was screaming bloody murder while bush was in office and the world will end because of his policies. Guess what, the world didn’t end. And the world and especially this country will carry on just fine whoever is in office.

    Remember the president doesn’t have much power without congress behind him and last time I checked part of congress is controlled by the republican party so all we can expect for the next few years is stalemate.

  9. Karen Starich Says:


    Very true. I have also stated that it would not matter who is elected, we are moving into a very prosperous year in 2013. Neither candidate is good in my view, and with Romney the theme would have been war.

  10. sj Says:

    hi Karen,
    Well for that reason, I’m glad that Romney didn’t win. I can’t stand war (the countless deaths on all sides, and the total waste of money). And you are right, neither candidate is good and I can’t see any future candidates being good either.
    Things will change when people finally realize we are living in an corporate oligarchy.

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