By Karen Starich

On Wednesday we will have a lunar eclipse at 9:45 am EST.  The eclipse will peak at 6-7 degrees Gemini.  This will be the same degree Jupiter will move stationary direct from on January 30, 2013.  There may be plans in the works to arrange meetings with Russia that could change the future for EU nations.   There are significant planetary placements on November 28th that will mirror and bring a warning for events that will begin to unfold near December 22nd concerning the United States, Europe and the destiny for EU nations.  The turning point for Europe could be as critical as the agreements at Yalta between Franklin D. Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin, and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.   During the meetings at Yalta  Roosevelt agreed to the hand over to Stalin the nations of Bulgaria, Poland, Albania, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and Romania.  The Western Powers soon realized that Stalin would not keep his promise and allow free elections in Poland.  Soon after these nations were sacked, looted,  and the people repressed by the Soviet military.  It took four decades and the Malta agreements that took place in 1989 between Gorbachev and Bush to reverse many of the decisions made at the Yalta Conference in 1945.  After the meetings in Malta the conditions and economies, particularly Poland, finally began to improve after four grueling decades.

The parallel to 1989 (Click to see 1989 Chart) and 2012 is being mirrored in a very rare planetary alignment between Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter.  In 1989 Saturn was transiting in Capricorn (Saturn rules Capricorn) and Pluto in Scorpio (Pluto rules Scorpio), a rare occurrence since Pluto’s orbit is 245+ years.  The two planets made a sextile (60 degree angle) to each other while both were inconjunct (150 degree angle) to Jupiter.  The pattern is called a Yod and is also referred to as “a finger of God.”  The power of the Yod, or Y configuration, has the potential to bring large scale changes affecting society as a whole.  The power of this configuration can bring about a ‘shape shift’ where suddenly our way of life can be altered in a good way as it was for Europe in 1989, or in an evil way as it was in Tiananmen Square also in 1989.  In Russia Communism was falling apart while in China communism became more barbaric.  In 2012 and 2013 Saturn and Pluto have switched places in what is called mutual reception, which means two planets are transiting each others sign at the same time.  The mutual reception will amplify the Yod’s influence and suggests a grand turning point of karma and destiny for the planet that hinges on Jupiter’s influence at the tip of the Y.

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Alan Leo is considered the father of modern astrology and in his published work he describes Jupiter as ‘the preserver’ and compared Jupiter to the Trinity.  The influence of Jupiter in the Yod will bring about a critical awareness that is heightened among the people and most likely delay any evil that could have been precipitated from the aspect between Saturn and Pluto.   We may be about to experience what  I will call a ‘Hail Mary Pass,” in December that could prevent a nuclear event.   There will be two more exact sextiles between Saturn and Pluto in March 2013 and then again in September 2013.  In 1989 there was concern and threat of a nuclear war with Russia that did not come to pass.  Most likely in December we will have more to contend with other than just the fiscal cliff.

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