By Karen Starich

A quick reminder here about Mercury retrograde now through August 8th.  Mercury went retrograde over the weekend and over the last few days I am hearing from clients and friends who are experiencing some of the debilitating effects Mercury retrogrades can bring.  There is a very particular characteristic that can be experienced with these retrogrades and that is confusion and disruption.

When retrograde, Mercury tends to have an influence that is somewhat like a thief with a bit of myrrh and twinkle in his eye, slipping in to your environment and business activities, shuffling your papers, rearranging your schedule, causing errors in contracts and transaction, and forcing you to stay on your toes so as not to get robbed!

The key with these events is to stay focused, double check your work, and know that appointments and schedules will probably get rearranged, so take the opportunity to hone in on what is most important, get all your details in order, and everything will fall into place when the planet moves direct in August.  I always feel these events coming about 2 weeks prior, so I plan for it and know that I have put my list together and get really organized.  Overall you can take the energy of these retrogrades and turn them to your advantage with some planning.

When trading the stock market during Mercury retrogrades it is especially important to double check your trades, make sure the transaction is correct, and not be in a hurry when executing.  It’s also more critical to get all your analysis together before making the trade and not act on emotion because that’s how Mercury will slip you up.  We could also see bizarre moves in the market over the course of the next week.  I will call it manipulation, so my advise is not to leverage or take too much risk right now.

The following is by Karen Starich, who uses astrology to forecast events in the financial markets. Astrology Traders provides specific dates and in-depth analysis of future events for the financial markets through weekly updates, trade alerts, and educational webinars.

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