By Karen Starich

What could evolve out of the sudden resignation of General Petraeus could be much bigger than just love and deception. The real story could be a masterful intrigue that unravels the powers that be, and only Shakespeare could have written it.

The combined charts of David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell indicate a very high voltage relationship. Petraeus has Uranus oppose his natal Mars and Paula’s Nodes are conjoin the opposition in Petraeus’s chart. No doubt Petraeus could not resist her. The combination also suggests there is a past connection from a previous life that could have jolted Paula and now the two have come together to resolve a very deep wound. Paula’s chart is more interesting to me, she could be a double agent who was assigned to take down the General.

Paula is a gift to the gods of mega power working to rearrange the landscape of the world. Women like Paula are worth more than their weight in gold, and can do more damage than a nuclear bomb when given the right opportunity. I don’t know why anyone else is not putting two and two together. Her natal chart is pretty telling. She has a conjunction with Uranus and Mars and for a beautiful, stylish, and smart woman this combination is dangerous for any man who would fall into her arms. The real giveaway in her chart is Neptune conjoin her Black Moon, sextile her Pluto and square to her Jupiter. The combination suggests she could be destined to serve in the military as a spy. She may also have extra sensory perception and the ability to disguise her motives. The square to Jupiter suggests she understands the art of war and can pull it off with a poker face.

When I looked at the charts of Petraeus and Broadwell together the thought occurred to me that these two lovers could be twin flames. I wrote about twin flames on Zentrader earlier this year. In my article “Plato: Communism and True Love” I describe how the magnetism and likeness of twin flames is so overwhelming the souls cannot emotionally handle the union and can turn destructive. The real life twin flames and love story between Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald showed America how magical the love of twin flames can be. Unfortunately for Nelson and Jeanette her career ambitions and their strange combination of people and circumstances kept them apart for their entire lives.

I am certain the media will be dishing out more on this love story between Petraeus and Broadwell in the days ahead. However, I don’t think many people are ready for how this scandal could be unfolding. Right now everyone is focused on what went on between two lovers when the real story is about to twist in ways that no one is expecting and could change the course for America’s future.

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3 Responses to “Financial Astrology: The Petraeus Affair”

  1. mignon Says:

    I have a question. Is there anything in the general’s natal chart that would suggest he could become depressed and be a danger to himself or anyone else? (as a result of the recent scandal)
    Thank you.
    Mignon Weneck
    resident of California

  2. Karen Starich Says:


    I don’t have his time of birth so I would not speculate on that. I believe it is highly unlikely however since he has a cardinal grand square Uranus/Mars/Saturn/Admetos which makes him a ‘brick wall’ with staying power. He will get through this like Muhammad Ali…battered but victorious.

  3. Karen Starich Says:

    If Petraeus would have consulted a good astrologer he would have never walked into this landmine!

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