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On June 28th a geomagnetic storm began, at its peak the storm sparked Northern Lights across the US as farsouth as Kansas.  Many observers have reported green and purple skies.  Take note of subtle changes occurring in the power structure of the government as agendas may seem to be in disorganized while we are experiencing a peak cycle of solar activity into 2014.  The current cycle of sunspots and solar flares affects the weather of the planet, the moods of its people, even business cycles and, of course, the release of spiritual light-energy to the earth.  The sunspots and solar storms give a warning to all who will read and run that change is in order.  It is interesting to note the shift in the Federal Reserve’s rhetoric last week preceding the solar storm.

As a reminder, I have suggested in past updates (see March 31st and April 7th update) that we are in a Saturn return cycle from July 4, 1984 where a dispensation of the sun (Helios) began.  There are very esoteric implications within this cycle that the solar activity is warning us about,  evidenced in the release of light into the earth as a harbinger that change is coming.  The key dates I have mentioned were April 6, 2013, September 18, 2013, and September 28, 2013.  During the cycle in September Saturn and Pluto will be in the final rare mutual reception, the implication here is a huge “shape shift.”  The influence is like a Hail Mary Pass where the world dodges a set of dire consequences, and like the monopoly game, we “pass go” without paying a price.  A descent of karma is taking place and everyone will be on their own merit.  Those who have by their own accord made the right choices are moving on.  Certain agendas of the power elite will likely unravel and in my view the concept of Austrian Economics and “the hand,” as Adam Smith described, continues to guide the flow of prosperity and is more powerful than the constant ‘fiddling’ by the Fed.

History has shown a marked period of decline and instability during the extreme solar phase.   In March 1989 the flares produced more than a light show.  In March 1989 a series of solar flares may have had a hand in triggering the following dramatic events:

The Eastern Airline strike and petition for bankruptcy; two train wrecks in the British isles, rioting in Lhasa the capital of Tibet, which resulted in the imposition of martial law; civil unrest in Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia and Estonia; political upheaval in Greece as Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou was caught up in personal and financial scandals; a break in diplomatic relations between Britain and Iran over Britain’s refusal to suppress The Satanic Verses, a novel by Salman Rushdie; a serious outbreak of fighting in the ongoing Lebanese civil war; A Chilean fruit scare, which began when the Food and Drug Administration impounded all Chilean fruit in the US after inspectors discovered that two grapes imported from Chile had been injected with cyanide.

Between May 29 and June 4, 1989, a 26 M-class and 2 X-class flares erupted.  On June 4, upheaval in China reached a crescendo with the Tiananmen Square massacre.

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