By Karen Starich

It is very important to note here that we are most likely entering into a very big new growth cycle and potentially huge economic boom beginning in January 2013.  The signs of recovery will start to emerge before the end of the year, so now is the time to start planning your portfolio to take advantage of this new growth cycle.  We have already established positions in some of the stocks that are poised to make very large gains long term.  Before I go into the stocks I want to illustrate why this is happening and give a view of the past updates here to save time in having to go back and reread.

Last October I warned about a potential banking scandal and to “watch out” near October 28th, 2011.  Although I thought it would be Goldman Sachs it turned out to be MF Global instead.  The markets and the economy were at a critical point that could have caused a collapse similar to Lehman Brothers.  We booked some short positions however in late November I sent an alert to warn that we could see a form of QE that could be ‘secret’, and that the markets could go up.  We did get a rally into the end of February where I put together a group of stocks in the technology sector to watch for a pullback the first week of March in order to establish some long positions..  Many subscribers enjoyed those trades as the profits were fantastic.  However, some subscribers were disappointed the run did not continue and wrote to me about their frustration.  We were advising short positions and many subscribers do not like to short the market.  There is a reason why the sentiment changed and it has a lot to do with the planet Pluto.

The momentum changed in April as Pluto (rules the economy and wealth) went retrograde from 9 degrees Capricorn, creating an undertow in the economy, particularly for gold, silver, and mining.  Saturn  (retrograde) also made a hard square to the Federal Reserve Jupiter (suppression of employment) and the U.S. Mercury in the 8th house of foreclosure, debt, bankruptcy, and investments.  The combination was a further drag on the economy and created fear among investors who pulled money from the markets in droves fearing a repeat of August 2011.  The retrograde of Pluto also suggests there were most likely hidden political agendas that did not materialize the preferred results while Neptune was at the same time trine the U.S. Venus.  Neptune’s effect is very slippery when it comes to schemes, often the desired results slip away from the schemer, and so when Saturn made a final square to the Federal Reserve Neptune on September 13th, Bernanke most likely made a bold move to preempt the exposure of his failed policies, as the economy did not need additional QE in 2012 and would soon be very robust.

Now Pluto has moved direct and the economy is ready to really take off and bring in new technology and advances that were stopped in April of 2012.  Japan is also ready to start a new boom cycle and we may see growth first with Japan and then with America as Pluto makes a very powerful trine to Japan’s Sun in November.  It will be important to watch the news regarding Japan’s economy and the yen, as there may be signs that both are moving higher in late October and November. There is a caveat however, and that is the deleveraging process the world bankers will have to undergo, and as we all know nothing goes up or down in a straight line.  I will continue to focus on the timing for such concerns.

The following is an excerpt from the Sept 23rd premium update by Karen Starich. Karen uses astrology to forecast events in the financial markets and Jeff Pierce adds in the technical picture for the stocks in focus. Astrology Traders provides specific dates and in-depth analysis of future events for the financial markets through weekly updates, trade alerts, and educational webinars.

3 Responses to “Financial Astrology: State of the Markets Into 2013”

  1. Lioncub Says:

    It would be very interesting to see economic recovery in the begining of 2013.
    Jim Rogers, Peter schiff and many others (including myself) think the opposite would happen. Yesterday itself i read an article in seeking alpha, which was saying markets need 50% correction.

    Hope you will be right and the world economy will be healthy.

  2. alan Says:

    mmm, not sure about a boom in 2013, but japan looks like its set for a dramatic change…

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