Below is the sentiment/bias of the major contributors at zentrader for the next 2 weeks. Happy New Year and here’s to a prosperous 2013!


All About Trends – No resolution to Fiscal Cliff could cause a dive and that can be used to buy a few things for quick trades in the face of fear. If a resolution brings about a rally then that will likely be a bull trap used.  – Neutral

Financial Tap –  Looking for an increase in equities these next 5-7 days with a “fiscal cliff” band-aid, but within 7-10 days the Cycle should turn lower and move into a DCL.  A DCL is due within 15 days and the S&P should drop well below 1,400 by then. – Neutral

Liz DeMera –  NYSE summation has rolled over, albeit tiny, but we had a failure so far at the  +500 on nyse summation ratio chart. TRIN level as a 21 day and 55 day moving average basis still very low. For now sidelines is the best place to be. – Neutral

Karen Starich – Mars trine the U.S. Midheaven could bring goodwill on the part of the President tomorrow.  There could be a bounce higher in the markets on the 31st that is wiped out on January 2nd.   The markets could be bearish until mid January with a relief bounce. – Bearish

Jeff Pierce – This week saw all my time frames reallign in bearish fashion, so the only trade for me is to be short at this point. It’s a shame it all comes down to Govenrment news event but if you were going long last week you were trading on hope . – Bearish

Chris Ebert – Option performance now indicates that the market is again getting ready to make a big move. Although the bulls remain in control for now, they are weak. A crash is nearly as likely here as a huge rally, with only a small bias towards a rally. Bullish-Neutral.

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