When I think of the flash crash I always get all warm inside given that it’s my wife’s birthday. Oh…and I got short 4 days prior based on my market timing system. You can click on the link to get a bigger image. Well worth it for nostalgia sake.
clipped from www.ritholtz.com

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2 Responses to “Flash Crash Dissected”

  1. mike Says:

    Let us know when you get another warning about a crash. As far as my comment on a book. Since you are running a blog and have obviously spent a great deal of time on a trading system. You have more than enough material for a book! However you would have to want to write one. Good Luck !

  2. zentrader Says:

    Maybe someday I’ll write a book but I want to have coached quite a few traders to success first. As far as the crash, it’s not that my system was predicting a crash, it had just turned bearish prior and I was following it.

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