I’m going to try and focus on some Canadian plays when I can and here are a few individual plays that could be ready to break out to all time highs. When/if these stocks form the cup, wait for a small pullback and then initiate positions when it breaks out through the confirmation line.





5 Responses to “Focus on Canada”

  1. jeremy Says:

    Thanks for the Canadian stock ideas, especially those with a 'Midas' touch.

    Are your indicators still bullish? I'm seeing such thin volume in general, I'm not sure what to make of things – and hearing a lot of rumors like:
    market manipulation by computer algorithms and a large commodity hedge fund being squeezed out of existence.

  2. Abdul Rahim Says:

    Pattern formation (cup&handle in an uptrend) are reliable trend. Thanks for the tips Jeff.

  3. nicholas Says:

    hi jeff. another decent gold stock list on toronto is OSK…

  4. Jeff Pierce Says:

    I hope you bought OSK nicholas because it’s been a huge winner.

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