I would be a buyer with slightly more weakness in this sector. Below I’ve indicated potential areas of support on the stocks I like in this sector. I believe this pullback will be swift and extremely volatile, and it will be bought quickly so you’ll have to be quick on the buy button. There is just too much strength in the RSI for this rally to be over.

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One Response to “Full Analysis on Platinum/Precious Metals”

  1. Lioncub Says:

    Monday is new moon. Mars will be the lunar month king. Venus aspected by jupiter and mercury is a perfect combination for upside blow to silver and gold, especially on tuesday. In all, this lunar month is going to be great for all PMs.. Mars is the ruling planet and he is in his own sign.. a good indicator for upside move again.
    Agree with Jeff, I would take positions if there is any dip on monday.

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