By Charlie Brown

Whether you’re new to vaping or have been at it for a while, you want your tank to have the right e-juice or e liquid UK. There’s no right solution for every vaper because there are a number of variables, such as preferences, that you need to consider. Here’s what you need to know about e-liquid to choose the right one for you and have maximum fun.

The ideal setup for your vape

Getting your vape game in order is a lot like getting a new car. Your decision on what to get will depend largely on the intended use. While the core activity will be vaping, there are a number of nuanced preferences that may take two vaping enthusiasts in entirely different directions.

At their core, all vaping devices offer the same functionalities despite of their format, shape or size. A typical vaping device features a heating coil, an atomizer and the e-liquid. Whether you’re using a 4-battery mod or a store-bought cig-a- like, the mechanics behind your vaping are the same.

The right e-liquid

Differences begin to emerge depending on the type of vaping experience you’re looking for. If you’re planning to quit smoking and want to try vaping while still enjoying the delight of smoking, a cig-a- like might be a great place to start. You need not jump straight to using a 12-coil cloud tank filled with thick, high-VG e-liquid.

Similarly, if you are interested in the production of massive clouds with little in the way of a throat hit or nicotine, a narrow tank with a single coil and full of propylene glycol (PG) may not satisfy you. While you’ll still technically be vaping, the only way to be satisfied is to use a kit that produces the results you want.

There are many different types of vape tanks in the market. One of the broad categorizations of vape tanks are sub-ohm tanks and mouth-to- lung tanks. These tanks come with preinstalled heating coils. In addition to that, the tanks are empty on purchase, so you have to buy e liquid UK to fill it.

High-quality e-liquid is to your tank what the best motor oil is to your sports car. Low heat is required for you to enjoy mouth-to- lung (MTL) vaping. As a result, the tank doesn’t need a lot of e-liquid to flow to ensure the wick is saturated. So thin liquids with 50% PG or more allow your mod to deliver a nice flavor, nicotine satisfaction and a great throat hit.

Liquids with a higher VG content can certainly be used in MTL but the results may not be ideal. High viscosity limits the flow of the liquid and increases the risk of scorched cotton due to dry hits.

If you’re mostly interested in the satisfaction of producing dense vapor, consider sub-ohm vaping, which requires more heat and e-liquid with a higher VG. Provided the flow channels for the liquid are large enough, the higher-viscosity liquid will produce a large, dense cloud. Just keep in mind that you use more juice to make thicker clouds.

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