Cool, but scary look of the future because it seems like every single think you do is online in some form or another. What do you think?


2 Responses to “Glimpse of What May Be”

  1. abdul Says:

    Cool video but excessive. In the end, we still need human to do all those work. If the system break down, then it become useless just like the case of recent Blackberry by RIM.

  2. Lioncub Says:

    Thats pretty cool. There is another video from MSFT on similar lines but thats a longer one.
    When i was in school during ’80s and ’90, one of my teachers told (when explaining about theory of evolution) that we may be left with only 1 finger as we evolve. It is because, we use that one finger to press buttons to do our work and wouldn’t need rest of fingers. (similar to how we lost our tail when evolving from monkeys).

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