• short term: bullish
  • mid term: bearish
  • long term: bullish

In the video below I give some upside targets where I think the metals could bounce and where a good shorting opportunity would be.


3 Responses to “Gold and Silver Short Term Targets”

  1. traderdigs Says:

    altogether very similar to my own thinking, I like the 3 line break chart.. I agree it makes things look nice and clear, thanks for sharing

    btw, the only reason I don’t follow you on twitter is because I don’t care to be notified each time you comment on seekingalpha

    wish you the best !

  2. jeff pierce Says:

    No worries David. We all have our own twitter preferences and nuances. Wishing your family a happy holidays as well!

  3. Richard Says:

    I tend to agree . As long as the dynamics stay the same I can’t see the trend with gld
    altering . Dynamics being risk on , stocks go up ,precious metals up, however there is
    a thought in me which says Dynamics , risk off , stocks down and gold keeps on
    slowly climbing into a world of its own . In the 1930’s confiscation of the yellow peril
    took place . Could that happen today ? Over a longer time scale supply and demand
    have a critical mass . Call me nuts but my call on gold is its bubble will burst in
    April 2017 . Exactly 380 years from the tulip bulb burst in April 1637. That would be in tune with some vedic number 1’s. Year 2017 , 2+1+7=10=1+0=1 and 380 years is
    19 , 20 year cycles which is 1+9=10=1+0=1 . Unless anyone can prove this absurd
    hypothesis has been written some where else you read it first on Zentrader.

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