By Jeff Pierce

15 Responses to “A Good Kind of Overbought”

  1. michael Says:

    I have to laugh, this comes from the guy that was super bearish on the whole move up. You missed the whole move up and now you”re super bullish at close to the top. Great calls! lmao!

  2. jeff pierce Says:

    Tell you what. You start a blog and put yourself out there and I’ll do my best to imitate your sarcasm in the comments section….

    Better yet. Find me someone who is right all the time and I can stop doing what I do and give my money to them to invest for me.

  3. michael Says:

    Jeff, I’m not trying to put you down. I follow you alot and you do a good job but right now you remind me of the average retail investor that has missed the move. I tell what, I’m getting ready to go short. Lets see where the markets goes into Jan 22. Good luck.

  4. jeff pierce Says:

    I think your foolish to short this market. I’m severely under-invested and I hope we do pull back so I can grab some shares of companies I’m watching.

    Here’s the way I see it. We continue to grind higher. Or we pull back slightly and then go higher. Either way it would seem we’re going higher. Why try to get too cute and short it?

    I actually take quite offence to being compared to an average retail investor.

  5. michael Says:

    Should see minor pullback, followed by a higher high and then a lager pullback. Good luck.

  6. michael Says:

    Dollar in an inverted head and shoulders and vix at extreme lows. Watch the $!

  7. Chart Learning Says:

    Michael, where is your blog? Sign me up! This is great insight:
    “Should see minor pullback, followed by a higher high and then a lager pullback. Good luck.”
    I’ll buy puts tomorrow, hopefully not to late then, some calls…then all in on puts!

    Feel free to write for my blog as well…contact me via twitter.

  8. Thinksmart Says:

    Major indices can continue to grind higher for 3 %, but I see major flag when we will hit 1500 on S&P500 and this will be in same time of the US Debt Debate.

    For me, the VIX is really low and in this type of market any bad new could be a catalyst.

    Anyway, we have place to go higher in short term.

  9. michael Says:

    Chart learning, Lets see how it plays out. I’ll post my entry into uvxy, see pullback into jan 22. I was long when Jeff was bearish, now see pullback, alot of bulls on bus, $ ready to rise, vix low. I Don’t claim to be a guru like you. If I listened to all the guru’s like you, I would be broke. I forgot, for X amount of $ a month, I can join your service and become rich! I ‘m shocked you’re not retired by now. Let me guess, you’re just sharing the love!

  10. Chart Learning Says:

    I dont sell anything

  11. pimaCanyon Says:


    You wrote, “I have to laugh, this comes from the guy that was super bearish on the whole move up. You missed the whole move up and now you”re super bullish at close to the top. Great calls! lmao!”

    And then you wrote, “Jeff, I’m not trying to put you down.”

    Okay… How’s this: Black is white, good is bad, up is down. Do I have it straight?

    Or maybe I just get straight to the point: Your statement, “I’m not trying to put you down.” is disingenuous, which is another way of saying it’s a lie or, at the very least, it’s some kind of weird denial.

  12. michael Says:

    Jeff, I apologize if I offended you. I think you do a great job overall.

  13. jeff pierce Says:

    It’s fine. I’m wrong some times, I don’t hide behind a blog nor do I not approve comments that don’t present me in the best light. I could have just clicked delete on your comment but I didn’t. I try to be as transparent as I can and always strive to do better when I do mess up.

    From my timing signal and what I see in the charts I really think we’re going higher. I can only report what my charts suggest.

    Let’s just move forward from here.

  14. MarketMaker Says:


    Thanks for the insight and I agree the markets look outstanding. Every time I check the blog, I learn/find something insightful/interesting. I openly shared my thoughts with you last November about the market/1343 and this is what I see going forward:

    February 2013: Spx goes to 1500 and stays in 1470/1500 range during earnings with higher than elevated volatility (not much maybe vix 20, but higher than current levels) due to the debt BS/non-event #1,000,000.
    March-April/May 2013: Market rises due to improving home market, labor conditions, cheap gas, and most importantly the continued psychological effect of QE infinity (Just wrote Economic masters thesis on QE, purely psychological). It rises to 1550, 1575 tops.
    April/May: Spx corrects to 1470. A 1550 top would be a 5.5% correction (DeMark’s percentage drop forecast, good number.. 55 is a fib number) to 1470.

    After that, I don’t know but it would look like a good weekly cup and handle; or set up to take out all time highs going into the fall/winter.

    What do you think of DDD? I owned a bunch from 34-37 and let it go a few weeks ago at 58. I thought the run was over due to overbought conditions and the high fundamental value, although it did surpass my expectations greatly last ER. I bought back in today for 3% higher but I reduced my risk exposure and actually made more money in a new position since then 🙂 – prcp. What are your thoughts on the hourly??


  15. jeff pierce Says:

    thx Chris for being a long time reader.

    As far as your market predictions I don’t even see that far out at all, but you may be right. All I know is the markets, certain sectors, and individual stocks appear to have strong chart patterns with lasting power. Let’s see how it plays out.

    DDD has had quite a run and while there isn’t anything in the chart that suggests a pullback is in order, I wouldn’t chase it here and would like it much better near $52. It would be a strong buy at those levels. If you’re in my tradewithZEN sub service, I’d say use my daily rules of entry on this one.

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