Everyone has to be ready to face unforeseen health issues that could strain your pockets and leave you worried about finances. For this it is essential to take proper health insurance cover. Health is unpredictable even for the healthiest population of the world. You never know when you might fall so sick that it will cost you a few thousand dollars for proper medical treatment and these are precisely the moments when health insurance policies come in handy. Avoiding unplanned medical expenses should, therefore, be topmost in your mind when you are preparing a family budget and you must keep provisions for proper health insurance coverage for all family members. When you have your family covered with health insurance, you enjoy complete peace of mind.

Government health insurance is not enough

Any government that cares for its citizens keeps them protected for health risks with some health insurance coverage. However, these insurance policies have limited coverage and do not include many important health care factors. The limited coverage of the government insurance for health might typically include only regular visits to physicians, basic ward accommodation in the hospital and eye examination after every 24 months. Many other aspects of routine health care needs like vision care, dental care, prescription drugs and unforeseen health-related emergencies are left out from the purview of government health insurance coverage. To fill the gap, you have to take some additional health insurance policies from private insurance companies like Blue Country Insurance – Blue Cross Moncton.

Extensive coverage of private health insurance

More extensive coverage with personal health insurance policies from private insurance companies is the primary reason for including it in the must-have list of any domestic budget. Besides the traditional medical treatment other forms of alternative therapy like chiropractic treatment, naturopathy and massage therapies also come under the health insurance policies of private insurers. Also, you are entitled to expenses incurred in private and semi-private hospital rooms, travel coverage, ambulance costs, and death or disablement from an accident. You have full coverage for all kinds of dental procedures related to examinations, fillings, and cleanings as well as major orthodontic and periodontic procedures as well as dentures and crowns. Moreover, the expenses of prescription drugs qualify for complete coverage under the policy together with complete vision care package.

The best time for taking health insurance

Wisdom says that you must plan for the bad times that can affect anyone at any time. Hence taking health insurance policies early in life while you are in good health is always advisable. Even if you are a member of any group insurance plan, you must keep your family covered by taking suitable health insurance policies. Individual health insurance plans protect against unplanned expenses for future illnesses, and you could save several dollars every year by choosing the right health insurance plan. Since disease and sickness can affect all of us at any age, the sooner you take health insurance policy, the better it is. If you make the policy when you fall sick with some long-term illness, the insurance company would treat it as a pre-existing condition and would not be liable to pay for that particular disease. The health insurance policy keeps the members covered for day to day health care expenses, and it leads to better healthcare and good health for all. Whether you need spectacles or contact lens or need to go for regular dental checkups, you need not worry about the expenses.

The inclusion of a pre-existing condition

Generally, insurance companies exclude any pre-existing health condition from the coverage, but there are cases when you can try to include it by paying much high premium provided the insurance company agrees. However, this exception only proves the rule that stipulates exclusion of pre-existing conditions from the coverage of health insurance policies.

Age limit for health insurance

Health insurance policies are available for people up to 70 years of age but the later you take the policy, the more you have to pay. Since aging increases the possibilities of falling sick, the health risk increases with age, and you are likely to incur substantial expenses as age progresses after you cross 50 years. The insurance companies charge a much higher premium for elderly citizens to cover the expected health expenses. Similarly, the premium for younger people taking health insurance policy is much less.

Take full cover

Although it is not possible to predict any sickness in advance, going by the medical health history of your family and the age of the members, you can roughly estimate the health care costs necessary throughout the year. Depending on the age of the members and the average price of medical facilities in your state or city, you can calculate some ballpark figures and arrange for insurance cover. While you should try to take full cover, even if you are close to it, you can save many thousand dollars should any member meet with some severe ailment that needs long-term medical treatment. The health insurance cover allows you to undertake special care even though it is costly because you need not pay from your pocket.

Review the coverage as age progresses

As health condition deteriorates with age, the cost of medical treatment also goes up. Naturally, the health insurance coverage that you took at an early age needs review as you near the age of retirement. The same is the case for other family members covered by the insurance policy. To be on the safe side and protect yourself from burning holes in your pocket while paying for medical expenses for seniors, do not forget to make adjustments in the coverage to extend it further. Review the policy every year and depending on the health trend of the members, make proper adjustments so that you never feel the financial strain.

Changes in lifestyle and the environment have made us susceptible to many new kinds of diseases. Therefore, it is a necessity to have adequate health insurance cover that promises better care for health without worrying about expenses.

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