A great quote from Barry Ritholtz at Agora Financial.
“Everyone wants to be a contrarion, but few can.”

You have to wonder with how fast this market has bounced if it has much left in the tank. It’s covered the same amount of vertical distance in about half the time as the 03′-07′ bear market rally.

clipped from www.ritholtz.com
Where I find major differences is the speed and depth of the drop. In 2008-09, it was across the board, while in 2000-03 was longer and more heavily Nasdaq focused. The context of coming before and after a major global financial crisis is a major differentiator. The snapback has been much sharper as well:

My preferred analogy this entire run has been 1973-74 markets. They are far more analogous:
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1974 versus 2009 Bottoms

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