Not a whole lot to report as the market did a whole lot of nothing today. As the market continues to figure out what it wants to do I’m noticing my scans are finding more bullish results than bearish ones. That is a bullish sign. So for the time being I’m going to start building a bullish watchlist in the event I get whipsawed out of my shorts I’ll have a watchlist ready to go. But let me reiterate….my signal continues to point to a drop coming and the few results that are showing up could really mean nothing when you look at the bigger picture.

It seems like every Thanksgiving week there are a few big winners (NFLX CRM LULU) look to be this years turkey darlings. And you can totally make money trading them…but I think I’ll pass on the daytrading until a stable trend with an edge presents itself.

The VIX may have bounced off it’s lower trend line (you have to imagine it) and until this breaks out, one way or another, the markets are just going to do a whole lot of nothing.

Below are the only 4 stocks that showed up on my primary scan. Great volume on all of them.

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