By Charlie Brown

Do you have an Instagram account that you want to encourage engagement on? There is plenty that you can do to get visibility and more likes and comments from your followers. Read on for a well detailed insight.

Always use the right hashtags

Remember that your ultimate goal is to engage your audience while you are still on the hunt for more followers. The trick is posting new, engaging and interesting photos that will grab the audience’s attention. Using the right hashtags on each photo you post is very important. This also makes your photos more visible and easy to find.

If you are looking to market your brand, hashtags are a good way for your brand to stand out. With the right hashtags, your posts will also find people who are not following your account. In addition to this, hashtags help in organizing and categorizing content, which makes discovery easy especially when relevant audience is trying to reach you.

A perfect example, if you are a fast food company that is looking for more customers via Instagram, you can post as many photos of your delicacies. Caption your photos with relevant hashtags like #foodies, #tasty or #bonappetite.

Post relevant content

The worst mistake you could ever make especially when you are looking to get more engagement from your followers is bore them with irrelevant posts. Stay true to what you are trying to market and always deliver value to your customers (or followers).

You can do so by either entertaining, educating or inspiring your followers with exciting photos and good captions. When posting photos, use pictures that highlight exactly what you are all about. For example, if you are an artist, post pictures of your finest art pieces. If you are a chef, post pictures of your recipes or high quality videos of you at work.

Make your posts more consistent

If you want to stay relevant and get followers on Instagram, keep your posts consistent and relevant. This will give your followers a surety that you are established in your area of specialization and that you intend to keep it so. It is will also make your posts easily accessible through your Instagram feeds. As much as consistent posting is important, do not forget to use the right hashtags. Truth is, consistently posting irrelevant content would be of no use.

Link your website (if any) in your Instagram posts

Whether you are on Instagram for business purposes or otherwise, it is very important to have your posts directly linked to your website or your product page. If you don’t want to link each and every post that you make, you can always have the website link on your Instagram bio.

Promote your account on other social media networks

After you have successfully established a good Instagram presence with lots of relevant content, you can now share this content on other media. It is always a good idea to engage a different crowd from either Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Pinterest and/or WhatsApp. Good news is, you can have an account on every medium mentioned here.


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