By Charlie Brown

Precious metals are some of the most reliable investment options today. There are various types of these metals available. One of the most popular ones is silver. It has great potential for increase in value. Silver is guaranteed to perform just as well as gold as an investment choice. There are sources on various websites as well as YouTube which point to this fact. There are many places where you can purchase silver as a precious metal for investment purposes. One of these is Durham Precious Metals. Read on to learn more.

About Durham Precious Metals

Located in Ontario, Canada, this is a precious metals dealer who can sell or buy silver from you. At the store, there are specialists in the field of precious metals who can make these transactions with you. Currently, they believe that silver is a great investment option. One of the reasons for this is because it has a lower cost per ounce than gold. Moreover, the specialists at Durham Precious Metals have found that 90% of their business involves the purchase or sale of silver. Interestingly, the forms of silver arranged in popularity are as follows:

1. 10-oz bars
2. Generic rounds
3. Silver Maples
4. 1-oz bars

To get the highest return on investment (ROI), Durham Precious Metals advises that investors purchase 10-oz bars and 1-oz rounds of online silver. They have a good value over premium today. However, in silver investment, any choice is currently a good choice due to the projected growth of the precious metal.

Value of silver as a currency

For centuries, silver has always been used as money. Some people believe that it has been demonetized. However, in Canada, the silver 999 bullion is regarded as a financial instrument by the Rev Can. This certifies it as a currency usable in that nation and beyond.

Value of silver as a metal

Silver also has great value as a metal. It is quite versatile in nature. This is because it has a total of 60,000 industrial uses. Examples of these include painting the back surfaces of mirrors to create a reflective surface and also creating the surface that collects radiation in solar panels.

Why is silver a guaranteed investment?

Durham Precious Metals gives a number of reasons why silver is guaranteed to be a good investment. Firstly, there is no source of silver which is located above ground. Hence, the demand for the metal will remain high. There is no viable substitute for most of the uses of silver. This guarantees the exponential growth of your silver investment.

Secondly, if the supply of silver were to halt, major electronics manufacturers would be at a loss. This is because many of them use silver as a material for their electrical contacts on the circuits. If this happened, the economy would grind to a halt and investors would lose money across the board. Therefore, the supply of silver must be maintained throughout to avoid this sort of problem. Moreover, any manipulation of the silver market is regulated. As such, your investment is protected by law.


If you intend to invest in precious metals, online silver is a good option to pick. According to Durham Precious Metals, its growth potential is guaranteed. Moreover, it is protected and regulated. Seeing as it is a needed metal, it will always be in demand, hence securing your investment.

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