By Charlie Brown

In Singapore, finding a dream home is more robust than catching sight of Moby Dick, if you don’t have the right agent. Picking the right real estate agent will make all the difference when you are out looking for a place to stay within your budget. It is normal for us to search for the best possible options within the money we can afford, and it is definitely not wrong to wonder if you can squeeze in a complete shower stall, finished basement or a furnished balcony within that budget.

Don’t be afraid to dream because it might even be possible, once you are ready to follow the next ten steps –

i. Is your agent CEA registered?

Search the CEA portal to check if you are working with a registered agent. The CEA registration is a mark of quality and experience. It is a free portal that also archives any complaints present against the agent. Check out Perry Siow real estate agent Singapore, to learn more about necessary registrations and certifications of agents.

ii. Check the web reviews

We check reviews of clothing and electronics before we spend money on them, there is no reason you should not spend some time inspecting the reviews of the agents on a third-party site. If you do not know of reliable Singapore review sites, just run a Google search on the agent’s name + agency name + reviews. Do not forget to check exclusively for complaints while you are at it.

iii. Knowledge and experience

Every good agent should have a working knowledge of the market and open houses. In most cases, we know what we want, but not what we need. An experienced and knowledgeable agent can help you find your dream home in the perfect location. Apart from their registration and certification, you need to check for their experience levels as well. A real estate agent working the fields for the last decade is more likely to offer you better deals on a property than a freshly registered agent with ten certifications.
iv. Should come from a reputable agency

It is imperative for your agent to be CEA registered, but he or she should also belong to an excellent agency. Some of these agencies provide 24/7 connectivity to the clients via mobile applications and web chats. The quality of interaction depends considerably on the agency.

v. Specialization of property

If you are looking for commercial space, you might want someone who knows about exclusive trades and the kind of real estate they demand. Home buyers will search for agents engaging in home listings, but commercial buyers will look for specialized agents who specialize in certain types of real estates, or particular areas only.

The right agent will depend upon the kind of your necessity. The best real estate agent for homes might not be the best for commercial properties. The one who helped your best friend find a duplex apartment in the suburbs might not be the best fit for a city condo. Weigh your general preference and priorities before you hire your dream real estate agent. Always make sure that you are getting your money’s worth.

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