By Jeff Pierce

Tomorrow isn’t going to be a game changer by itself but it could be the start of something if we get a strong close. However I wouldn’t start to call it a victory for the bulls because many of my internal signals are still pointing down and there has been a severe lack of new leaders during this earning season.

Below is my outlook on the 2 tech bell weathers that dominated the after hours news.




2 Responses to “How We Close Tomorrow Will Be Important”

  1. Kelly Cherkowski Says:

    Excellent reviews of these Tech leaders. Being from Vernon BC, I wanted to send you a quick note. I currently live in Bangkok Thailand but got my trading start working for a PROP firm in Montreal for a few years. (trade mostly future indexes and CL) with some option on stocks

    How long have you been trading?

  2. jeff pierce Says:

    Hey Kelly. I’ve been trading since late 98. I mostly just trade stocks as futures are way too leveraged for me. I know my limits in trading and I’m fairly conservative. I was out your way last summer when I took my wife to Sparkling Hill. Amazing place! When are you back in Canada?

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