In a previous post I mentioned how it’s vital to use visualization in your trading to attract more success in your life and I’d like to expand on that topic. Now I’m not naive to suggest that using visualization alone is going to get you the results that you desperately want, however it can be the start of an internal paradigm shift like that of a pebble when tossed into a pond. As you reinforce the concept that you are an accomplished trader your subconscious mind accepts that as the truth and seeks out ways to take action to ensure that you reach your goals. In fact, your behaviors will change gradually without you even realizing.

As traders we have a habit of sabotaging our portfolios once we achieve a certain level of success. This is how the concept of “boom to bust trader” came about. We may decide that we don’t need to place that stop because we’re convinced this trade is going to work out because our last five trades were profitable or we may sleep in to reward ourselves because we’ve worked hard and increased our net worth by 15% this month but these results are irrelevant to the market. I’ve even been personally over-weighted in stocks because everything I was trading was going up I felt compelled to buy more and add to current positions. It wasn’t until after the market corrected and I gave back quite a bit of gains that I was able to go back and see the errors of my ways noting how I should have been scaling back positions and taking profits instead of doing the opposite.

Through visualizing, your subconscious will automatically guide you to do the things that successful traders do because you must act upon your new beliefs. You’ll find yourself honing your skills by reading books/magazines and doing extra research instead of wasting your time watching TV or being unproductive. You’ll trust your instincts during those challenging times when the market is volatile or when you have to make a decision that requires you to take action immediately . Your fear of losing money will now be replaced by a quiet confidence that your system will protect you no matter what happens. If you lose money on a trade you’ll know that you’re only that much closer to you’re next winning trade. You’ll realize that trading is less about making money to satisfy your ego and more about taking a journey and accepting whatever the results are.

I have to laugh when people say to me that they want to do what I do as if I can teach them during their lunch hour. What’s ironic about trading is that anybody can put on a trade, but not everybody is cut out to be a trader. Focus on being that master trader that you want to be, do whatever is necessary to accomplish that goal and you can’t help but get the results you want. Remember this quote by Wayne Dyer and repeat it often: “I get what I think about, whether I want it or not.”

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    This post would make a really great TraderPlanet secret. I almost want to steal the concept and post it as one of my secrets, but the exposure will do you more good than me! See you on the Planet!

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