By Charlie Brown

The comfort of your home depends on the air conditioner you buy if at all you need one. That makes it a big decision and calls for precision. While many people may think that all the air conditioning units have to be efficient since they are expensive, well, that is not always true. Most of the problems come from an uninformed purchase. Moreover, improper installations have been the root cause of many inconveniences that you want to avoid.

The following is the information you should have before buying a new air conditioning system for your home.

Use a professional contractor

Before you assign anyone to install your HVAC unit, you need to conduct your research first. The quality of the installation will determine not only the efficiency of the system in your home but also its lifespan. Experts advise on getting referrals from friends and family or checking the ratings and reviews on the reviewing sites. It is best to have a variety of choices, say, two or three professional contractors, and compare their quotations. Be sure to check the quality and model of the unit, and the contractors’ certification and licensing well.

The size of the system

Getting the size of the A/C right is essential. The first thing would be to know your needs and the size of your home. Although the contractor will play a part in determining the size of the unit, it is important for you to know in advance. A small unit will not adequately cool your home. On the other hand, an oversized A/C will have to have frequent on and off cycles which will only increase the energy consumption and affect your power bill.

Check the SEER rating

Buying an air conditioning system is not necessarily the end of keeping your energy bill in the check. You can still observe efficiency when using an HVAC system, and the best way would be to ensure that the SEER ratings are above the recommended one. In the United States, the Department of Energy raised the ratings to 14 in 2015. That means anything less than an SEER rating of 14 is not ideal for your home. You can get a variety of highly efficient units on Max Comfort Heating and HVAC.

Maintenance regimen

Just like most machines, your new air conditioning system will require maintenance, maybe once per year. As such, it is crucial that the contractor who installs it for you gives you the best maintenance plan as well. This will keep the warranty in force besides ensuring that the unit runs at the maximum efficiency throughout the year.

Buying an HVAC unit online

There are different ways to have your installation done for you when purchasing the unit online. The first is where you buy the unit from the contractor who will install it for you. In many instances, such an arrangement only works with the system they supply due to the manufacturer's warranty. The other would be to buy the unit separately and hire a professional contractor to install it for you. You must ensure that the model is the right one for you and that the contractor has the relevant qualifications.

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