By Charlie Brown 

Escape room games are redefining the gaming arena. They are adventurous. They also provide a perfect opportunity for people to bond and explore their problem solving skills. If you have been in an escape room before, you understand that nothing is as easy as failing when you find yourself locked up in one. To minimize the little discomfort of failure in escape room games, we have put together a list of incredible tips that will come handy when enjoying the various games.

Opt for private booking

The beauty of escape room games lies in booking the entire room for your group. For larger group games, it is better to have close friends, family members or coworkers than total strangers. Where teamwork is required, you will know how to curve through it because you understand the strengths and weaknesses of each party involved. Opt for private booking and have the entire escape room for people you are well familiar with. However, you can settle on public booking when travelling or working on a tight budget.

Settle on 70-80% of the maximum team size

If an escape room Sacramento game is for 20 people, you should consider playing it 16 people or less. This way, you will not have to worry about physical crowdedness. It also presents an opportunity for everyone in the group to have enough puzzles to solve. Even more interestingly, everyone will have a responsibility of getting up to speed to keep the entire team going.

Embrace those crazy ideas

Escape room teams succeed by trying all the possible options. When your teammate comes up with that crazy yet somehow reasonable idea, do not brush it off. Lend a listening ear to them and even go the extra mile of helping them try it. If you are not in agreement with the idea, encourage him to try it anyway provided the step is reversible. Maybe that idea is what the entire team needs to edge closer to the solution! Even if that fails to be the case, you would have had fun.

Acknowledge loudly what you find

It might sound crazy and somehow chaotic but it is the way to go. Remember escape room games are lost and won based on how fast team members who find related items match them. It does not matter whether it is a code and a key, pattern or a key and a lock. Just yell it out and let the others know!

Ask for hints

Almost every game has a hint. You should explore that when handling escape room games as well. Pay close attention to the in-game actors. When you have stopped having fun or start feeling overly stuck, request for little hints. It doesn’t hurt. You will find yourself in the right direction and start your mystery solving endeavors once again!

Escape room games are fun, especially when you have hacks and tips to push you through. Know what to ignore and where to concentrate your efforts!

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