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The markets for 2014 have proved to be, so far, much different and more difficult to trade than in 2013.  Quick pullbacks and trend reversals are cropping up on a weekly basis.  There could be some stability coming with a trine aspect between Saturn and Jupiter.  Saturn rules stability and Jupiter represents expansion and stocks in general.  The occurrence is more rare but was present in July of 2013 when the markets rallied off of the pullback in May and June.

Because of the retrogrades for both planets, here we are again, Saturn and Jupiter trine in the sky in May 2014.  Jupiter also represents the ‘big banker’ and we all know that is Warren Buffet who came out in the media last week to warn traders, “stocks are not overbought”.

Tomorrow is a solar eclipse at 8 degrees Taurus over Japan’s natal Sun.  This is very positive for the Nikkei and suggests a rally in the near future.  The Dow Jones will likely follow and new highs are in the cards for both indexes.

The time frame for the most severe pullback was in late January and then mid April with the grand cardinal square between Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter, and Mars.  My projections were for a pullback January 22nd – February 7th.  The markets pulled back and then rallied on target.  At the same time a chart began to appear on the internet showing a similar trend to the October 1929 crash.

In May we will likely break the connection with a new high on the indexes.  The grand cardinal square in April has served as a block to a major correction for now.

For May, the markets are going higher.

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