In spirit that is… as I haven’t initiated any new shorts, but that is my bias for now as the market have showed it’s hand with each passing day that it can’t muster any sort of rally.

Markets I’m most bearish on: NASDAQ, CHINA, CANADA, OIL

Markets I’m bullish on: Bonds

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3 Responses to “Joined The Bear Side Today”

  1. Collin Says:

    Thx Jeff.

    I’m curious since you said last week that 11900 is your target for the downside target before the rally. Now the market is here, you are on the bear side?

    I’m just wondering what has changed. Thanks!

  2. jeff pierce Says:

    My timing signals have flipped. Not only that, the character of the market feels like it has taken on a “sell the rally” sort of mentality. If we would have reached 11900 with my signals remaining bullish I’d be all out buying long…but that is not the case. I hope this helps and I don’t want to come across as flipping and flopping between bull/bear but the market dynamics do change and I’m suspecting the macro issues regarding Europe are exaggerating the volatility. It’s our job as traders to manage that volatility and adjust.

  3. Collin Says:

    Thanks Jeff, much appreciated!

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