By Jeff Pierce

I was going over some of my watchlists tonight and came across these 2 shipping stocks that I’ve never heard. Earlier in the fall I was bullish on the shipping sector and while stocks like FRO and DSX have cooled, these 2 keep on making new 2013 highs. While I don’t exactly like these as a buy right here, I wanted to point out these two because they are defying what the majority of stocks in this sector are doing right now and if I’ve never heard of them then I’m sure they’re off the radar of many traders. I look at a lot of stocks and run many screeners looking for hidden gems and always pay attention to stocks I’m unfamiliar with with strong charts.


 Long term view




  Long term view


3 Responses to “2 Unknown Shipping Stocks Hitting 2013 Highs”

  1. Charles Says:

    Scorpio tankers was recommended on Canadian business TV ‘BNN’ a few months ago at around $9. Whilst the large crude tanker market is still in a state of ‘glut’, Product tankers shipping gasoline, Liquid natural gas, diesel fuel…etc are in huge demand due to growth of the emerging market as well as places like China and Japan.
    Scorpio has one of the most modern and efficient fleet of such tankers. Demand is just on the rise and one would see further growth in 2014-5. That’s why Scorpio has been busy building new tankers from Korea as well! Its position in this area is almost unchallenged!

  2. jeff pierce Says:

    wow. a pick on BNN that worked out… lol

  3. Charles Says:

    If one is lucky and pick correctly, BNN can provide you with a few gems! Latest was Aviginon (AVO), recommended by one of their guest analyst at $18.75 about a week ago. Its trading at over $28 today!! Now, THAT’S A WOW!!!

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