By Charlie Brown

Well, Social Security is the main and important document that people and individuals have with them. The same card about which you are discussing contains the most important number on it. The Social Security number that is present in the card is of nine-digit, and also that number is the unique identity of the social security of the person. The government of U.S. issues the nine-digit number which is present on the card. The main reason behind the entire process of creating the Social Security card is that the government of USA keep all information about the lifetime earnings of people and also their identity.

The same card as the Social Security card is very important to have with you because it is very useful for life after retirement. It means that when people are going to retire from their jobs, the same card helps them in decisive their pension eligibility. So, if the people lose their Social Security card, then it will become hard for them to get the benefit of a job or also in achieving all other targets like getting the driver license and many more works or tasks. So, if you lose your card and you want to get a new card, then what steps you need take as to get the new card instead of the lost Social Security card.

How to apply for a lost card?

Well, if any person loses their Social Security card, then without making any worry, they have to apply for the application to get a new card or replace a new card on the previous card. The SSA or the Social Security Administration includes a simple and quick procedure for changing the lost card; users can also apply an application for the lost card online. According to the rules people are allowed only to get a maximum of three cards in a year and a maximum of 10 cards in their life. To accomplish the process of online filling of application the person must be at least 18 years and that person also contains a driver license with him.

Some people aren’t able to fill the application online, so for these types of people, there is an easy and simple way present. They need to download the application at the website of SSA. In that application, people need to fill all the fields properly according to their response, and then, at last, they have to sign on it with the blue or black ink. So, here are some few steps given below about which all users and people must know about properly as it is an important thing –

• People should contain Identity Documents with their application – Well, the same point here refers to your identity documents. People have to offer a document to them which is the proper proof of their identity. There is some acceptable document which the people can use in the same process, and these are the person’s passport, driver’s license, and identity card. One most important thing is that one should give the original or you can say certified copies of the required documents. After then the Social Security easily return to that person originally.
• Submit the documents and application which is accomplished – In this step people have to mail the application with the documents which are required and also with all the original copies. If it is suitable for the users, then they also have a choice to go to the Social Security office and then submit all the essential documentation.
• Get a new card and keep it safe – It means that after doing all the things or steps which are mentioned above properly, one can get a new Social Security card. As these cards are only available up to limited numbers, so people must take proper care of their new card and keep it safe always with them.

So, these are some steps and the procedure of getting a new Social Security card or replace a card. To get the card easily and quickly, one needs to do all the steps and above-mentioned procedure properly.

Important things to consider when applying for a new Social Security card

There are various essential things which the users and people need to know to apply an application properly for the new Social Security card. The mentioned below is the list of the important things which the people and individuals need to know if they want to apply an application for the same process –

• Citizenship proof – It is the main and foremost point of the process, and it means that every single person who wants a new Social Security card must give the proof of their citizenship to proceed the same process further.

• Give proof of their age – Another main thing is that the people who want to apply an application for a new Social Security card must provide proof of their age. The best proof of showing the age is that they must submit their birth certificate. If the people aren't able to show the birth certificate, the also take the help from records which are present in the hospital in which they born, the birth-date on the U.S. Passport and various religious records also.

• Identity proof also – People also need to show the proof of their identity properly. They have many choices with them. It means people can show anyone identity among the listed below to prove their identity –

– Passport of U.S.
– Driver License
– The identification card which they get from the government of USA

So, finally, these are some main things or essential things which the people need to consider or keep in mind properly while going to apply an application for getting a new or replacement of a Social Security card. The more properly and seriously people follow all the points or steps which are mentioned above, the more easily and quickly they get their new Social Security card. Do not delay in applying for the lost card.

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