For a record breaking week on the major indexes I’m having a difficult time location the leading stocks that can take this market higher. I tend to judge the health of a move based on what I’m seeing in my scans and I haven’t added a single stock to my watchlist over the past few days and that doesn’t bode well for this rally having any legs. AKRX is the closest candidate as I like the chart but I tend to like stocks above $10-12/share. Technically this one makes it, but it also depends on the way it digests it’s recent gains.


2 Responses to “Where’s The Leadership?”

  1. Mike Nelson Says:

    What is up with PCYC? It made my technical list but it doesn’t seem to have solid fundamentals. Is this a buyout candidate?

  2. jeff pierce Says:

    drug stocks can go on crazy runs where fundamentals don’t fit into the picture. I don’t normally trade these sort of stocks unless they’re over $20, but everyone has different risk tolerances.

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