By Jeff Pierce

I rarely use Linked In, at least not to the capacity that I use Twitter. And I use Facebook even less because it’s basically this black hole that sucks you in and is a huge time waster. However I was on Linked In today and noticed something very disturbing. Once you submit to link to someone it usually takes you to this screen of  “People You May Now”. However I think they’ve severely mislabled that page.

It should be “People you once knew, people you currently know, and anybody you may potentially meet in the future”. 

I was scrolling through it and they were finding people I haven’t spoken to in over 20 years. Just how do they do that? In addition, it’s coming up with the most random people that I know but have totally forgot about. It’s almost addicting to keep scrolling down to see who you can be reminded of from you past. In addition, the suggestions of who you may want to “link to” are equally fascinating, but equally disturbing how much info Linked In has about you.

There stock obviously has appreciated due to whatever mad scientist, invasive algorithm they have going on. It’s been on a tear in 2013 and if I was going to get on board this stock I’d wait for a pullback near the $140 range. After breaking out of an ascending wedge it’ll likely pullback, but not all the way back to support.

The RSI is very powerful and any pullback to the 40-45 level could be a strong buying opportunity.  They report earnings on May 2nd, after the bell, so wait to see if earnings knock the stock down as that could be a good opportunity to buy short term weakness.



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