By Charlie Brown

Are you strapped financially yet cannot arrange a loan from banks? If your credit score is the issue, the option of no credit check will act as a viable choice. Today, many lenders offer such types of loans. Even with no credit or bad credit, you can apply for a loan and get funding fast.

How does it work?

Loans with no credit check will allow a consumer to access huge sums of money and make the payments over time. Though no credit card is needed the borrower will need to provide banking information and income proof for consideration. On approval, the bank disburses the funds generally in a single business day.

The Real Drawbacks

There are unfortunately some major drawbacks related to this loan these include,

? High Rate of Interest– It caters to consumers of high-risk with limited borrowing options and poor credit. No wonder the rate of interest is excessive for hedging against the danger of default.
? Fees– The fees of loan origination are common in case of both no credit check and traditional loan. Sometimes these loans are accompanied via steep late payment as well as early termination fees if you plan to make early repayment.
? Longer Repayment Period– No credit check loans, unlike the payday loan, have extended repayment periods. It may appear as a gift if the monthly payments are budget-friendly, but actually, this is a curse in disguise. Now the question is why? The rate of interest is through the roof already and making just the monthly payments will give the lender to gather more interest.
? Automatic Payment Withdrawal– Equal installments are withdrawn automatically from the bank account of the borrower every month until the complete payment of the loan. It is likely to be problematic if you face another rough patch with no availability of funds at that time. There are high chances that you may incur an NSF fee or an overdraft and the person that issues the loan will assess the extra fee exclusively for the returned payment.

The Smart Alternatives

The no credit check loans have some smart alternatives, but for this, you need to consider a few points,

? Conduct Research- Today there are many loan products available so poor credit score need not indicate that you cannot get approval for traditional personal loans. Some lenders offer personal loans which are exclusively for the supreme consumers. Hence it is good to invest time to research your choices rather than settling on no credit check loans because you may be capable of qualifying for a higher competitive product having a lower rate.
? Visit the Financial Institution- Visit the financial institution to check which the loan products that you can qualify for are.
? Get a Cosigner- Consider a cosigner as this will help you in saving a lot of interest. They will give additional assurance to your lender of the repayment of the loan.

Apart from these, there are other alternatives such as borrowing money from friends or family and rebuilding the credit score.

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