My videos are completely random thoughts without organizing the information in a specific order. That would take too much time and I think raw and uncut is always better. The one downside is that sometimes after I finish a video I realize I didn’t stress a certain point enough. This time it has to do with all this negativity around the blogosphere regarding this Hindenburg factor.

It would be a highly unusual situation where so many traders out there would be right to call an impending crash and for it to actually happen. I have no way to figure out the odds but they would be very slim…like .001% chance or possibly smaller. When you combine my timing system at extremes, negative sentiment, and the difficulty in actually making a long trade today, I believe we’re in for some upside and that’s how I positioned my portfolio today.


5 Responses to “Why I Went Long EOD…”

  1. cash Says:

    having these vids are very helpful, even if they are just recorded thoughts on what you think about the market. So few cover market sentiment and psychology. Thanks Jeff!

  2. Abdul Rahim Says:

    Keep coming Jeff, your posting have been very educational for all your readers. I don't think the market going to crash but I see very cautious mood in the market. I have been spending more time on stock screening today. Looking for some entry.

  3. Merc Says:

    Thanks for the video, Jeff. Always good to peer over a trader's shoulder.

    Hope you did your own little happy dance today! 🙂

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