By Jeff Pierce

Wow, it’s been awhile since I”ve done a post in this category but let’s face it, the market has been a real downer in terms of momentum trader. Many hi-flyers have been taken to the woodshed and now it’s time to dig in and see which ones we should forget about forever and which ones we should start adding to a watchlist entitled “Stocks I want to own when the bull comes back” because their charts remains in an overall uptrend.

CCIH could fit that pattern. When using the RSI to judge the strength of a trend in a bullish trend it oscillates between 80-40. That would mean this stock is getting close to a meaningful bottom. Watch it as it trades closer to $10.50 and the RSI gets to 40. If you like this chart and want to own this stock, that is the price level I’d be watching.



twz next.

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