By Jeff Pierce

I just discovered this stock over the weekend as I was going over 100’s of charts and this looks like a great long setup. Only problem is they release before the bell tomorrow, so it’s not really actionable unless it has an initial move to the downside as that could be a buying opportunity. Weekly chart remains very strong and you can see in the daily below that it’s essentially been consolidating in an ascending triangle, which usually is a very bullish pattern.

Keep your eyes on this one as it’s finally over 500k adv, so more and more momentum players could jump on this now that it has some decent volume. $7.65 looks like a strong support area based on my personal analysis, however it looks more likely that this busts to the upside.



twz next.

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2 Responses to “Look At This Stock – PACR”

  1. Andy C Says:

    I believe PACR has accepted a buyout offer for $9 a share.


  2. jeff pierce Says:

    Ah. that makes sense with the price action. Thanks…I can take it off my watchlist.

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