By Eain Jordan

The boardroom is where business gets done, so you will want to make your boardroom as inviting a space as possible, for both staff and clients. You want the quality of decision-making in your boardroom to be as high as possible, and having a positive atmosphere certainly helps in that respect.

The whole idea of a boardroom can seem daunting. We have all seen the traditional idea of a boardroom depicted on television or in the movies, and such a room can appear cold and uninviting. In reality, a boardroom can be a welcoming space, helping people to feel relaxed and comfortable.

You will want things such as wall art and even the finish on the walls to reflect the type of mood that helps those at a meeting to relax. The desk should be wooden, preferably, and have a homely look. Glass desks or desks made from metal give the impression of cold or of a sterile corporate atmosphere, and might put people off. Ensure the desk is large enough to accommodate a group of people and their materials – notes, laptops, and so on. If you are going for a homely mood, then why not consider wooden shutters as a nice touch? Wooden shutters are also a practical feature in any room, allowing those inside to let more light into the room or, alternatively, block out the light. If someone is presenting in a boardroom using a computer and projector, then minimizing the light is an obvious priority.

A word of warning about decorating a boardroom: do not put anything in there that will prove distracting. Outlandish art pieces or a gaudy color scheme will serve only to distract those attending meetings. You want to make a strong first impression, especially with your clients, but you most certainly do not want clients put off by unusual décor in the course of an important meeting. Another thing to look out for is the style of seating you choose for your boardroom. You want the seating to be comfortable, but you do not want it to be too plush. After all, this is a space for decision-making and for decisiveness. Choose practical seating that best reflects the serious nature of what goes on in a boardroom, but at the same time, choose seating that clients and staff will not be uncomfortable sitting in.

When choosing paint for the walls of your boardroom, choose a rich color scheme to make people feel at home. Rich colors have the added bonus of helping boost creativity.

Lighting is another key element in a successful boardroom. Install lighting that reflects a relaxed mood but is sufficient for getting work done. The last thing you want is for those attending important meetings in your boardroom straining to read the notes in front of them because of poor lighting. Garish lighting is another put-off.

A final element to consider is temperature controls. A boardroom should be neither too warm nor too cold, so have properly installed and working temperature controls.

If clients and staff feel relaxed in a boardroom, then a positive business environment will likely ensue, to the benefit of your organization.

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