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A Total Lunar Eclipse December 10, 2011

Lunar eclipses have an evil nature to them.  The Moon, which governs the mood and sense of security for the public, casts an ominous and dark shadow over the earth during a total lunar eclipse.  The astrological degree of the eclipse and the aspects it makes punctuates the areas and conditions that will be impacted by the eclipse.   The lunar eclipse on December 10th will cast a shadow on business with new legislation,  accelerating the rate of unemployment, leading to a further economic downturn and another Great Depression in 2012.

The eclipse on December 10th will punctuate the degree of 18 Gemini making a grand square in the Federal Reserve chart.  The eclipse is making an opposition to Venus in the 6th house of work, labor unions, health insurance, and farming.  This suggests the hidden motives of the Health Care Bill passed in 2010 will materialize as a new form of unionized organized labor through the Health Care Bill that will lead to reduced business profits and higher unemployment.

The Myth that Franklin D. Roosevelt Ended the Depression

A correlation can be made from 1937 when in June there was a total solar eclipse also at 18 degrees Gemini.  Before the eclipse in 1937 the country was showing  signs of recovery after the stock market crash of the early thirties.  Iron and Steel production was rising and the level of car production had risen 100% from 1933-34 levels.  Unemployment had dropped from a catastrophic 12.5 million in 1933 to 6.4 million by 1937 creating more confidence in business growth.  Roosevelt managed to wreck the recovery by strategically stacking the courts with appointed judges who reversed a prior ruling making the Wagner Act  unconstitutional.  The Wagner act, which applied to all business engaged in interstate commerce, guaranteed employees  the right to self organize, form labor unions, and collective bargaining.  The Supreme Court dealt the economy a savage blow by reversing it’s prior ruling and upholding the Wagner Act as constitutional.  Predictably labor costs went up and unemployment accelerated from 6.4 million in 1937 to 10 million in 1938.

The Eclipse, The Health Care Bill, and Unemployment

Recently the federal appeals court in Cincinnati and the appellate judges in Washington upheld the entire Health Care Law.  The Supreme Court will be hearing the case in June of 2012.  The uncertainty is setting in for business as health care costs have already risen 12% in 2011.  On December 10th the planet Uranus will move direct at 0 degrees Aries (The Aries Axis of money trends and power) coinciding with the lunar eclipse.  The significance of Uranus is inflation that will be apparent in the bond auctions.  The Federal Reserve is now in overreach to contain inflation in the US with a crippled economy that cannot grow with the confiscatory legislation of the Health Care Bill.  Unemployment will most likely accelerate in 2012.

History will show the US economy could have better weathered the European crises had it not been crippled by the confiscatory health care legislation.  The lunar eclipse is a harbinger and a warning to be prepared for another major setback.


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6 Responses to “Market Astrology: “Brace for Economic Downturn””

  1. rajesh Says:

    i appreciate your hard work and am sure that a lot of us have benefitted from your writings. you have been sincere in your writings

  2. Chris Says:

    Hi Karen,

    Interesting analysis. But most observers of the 1937 recession attribute the slowdown to FDR’s insistence on prematurely balancing the budget. This cut govt spending and thereby reduced the amount of economic activity in the US. This is the more Keynesian interpretation perhaps which I gather you do not share. I know that the revisionist view of FDR and the Depression has been gaining some traction over the past 10-20 years by free market, Austrian style economists. I’m not an economist so I can’t take an informed position either way. I merely note the divergent theoretical explanations.

  3. Lioncub Says:

    Jeff, I got out of my gold positions at 1715$ today. My actual astrological date of exit was 29th Nov, but today, Moon (day lord) getting closer in aspect with Saturn didn’t make me feel comfortable. I still hold the small silver positions, expecting it to go down a bit, will still hold.
    I am not able to find the post where i wrote that Saturn will be the month lord and gold and silver will go higher after eclipse as Saturn is in exalted sign.
    Planning to get into gold on friday afternoon (est), may be some silver too.
    Happy trading!

  4. jeff pierce Says:

    I shorted GLD today for a quick scalp. As well as FXI and USO.

  5. Karen Starich Says:

    Hey Chris, glad you brought that up. I was going to write about the Keynesian theory but thought post would get off track. The Keynesian theory sort of doesn’t hold water re the gov cuts in spending. A comparison can be made for the fiscal years 1944-47.

    During those years the US gov slashed spending from 95 billion to 36 billion per year, a staggering 62 percent reduction. Instead of the economy spiralling into a depression with 8 million unemployed, as predicted by Keynesians, it boomed

  6. Rajesh Says:

    Precious metals and us indices looking good

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