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There have been rumors for over a year that the Comex (owned by the CME group) is going to go bust on deliveries of gold and silver that can’t get filled.  There have been reports also that huge cash settlements have been made in lieu of physical metal.  In the sky there is an almost exact opposition between Saturn  (demand) and Jupiter (supply) January (premium content). This will be the last opposition between Saturn and Jupiter for 12 years.  The opposition between these planets has made it’s mark just prior to a major move up with the metals in August 2010 and then again in March of  2011, just prior to silver almost reaching $50.   There is most likely mounting tension at the Comex to go to greater extremes to manipulate the inventory numbers and stop another run on silver.

The Comex may be challenged (subscribe for dates) when Saturn and Jupiter form an inconjunct that could bring (like a boomerang) a serious challenge to the Comex and CME where the lawsuits involving MF Global and delivery shortages are not going well for them and could bring a financial loss.  They are notorious for moving inventory in and out of eligible and registered vaults on the same day and double counting the inventories.

There could be a very large movement of silver in January into the Comex and possibly JP Morgan’s vault.  What is happening now is the escalation of a silver war between the physical demand and the paper price with JP Morgan as the primary holder of short positions in silver.  The severe transits to the JP Morgan chart,  bringing difficulty and bad publicity as well as a backlash from traders who will see the company as weak and a target with their over weighted silver short position.  The most severe challenge to the Comex will be in April – August 2013 and again in the Spring of 2014 where it could go bust, or be taken over.

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