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There is a paradigm shift taking place in the world. The banking cartel is no longer able to hide behind the governments of the world when their deals don’t work out. The Greek people are fully aware that it is not their debt they are being forced to repay. Unlike in America, in Greece the media openly discusses the accounting fraud that Goldman Sachs (GS) used to help the Greek government to get accepted into the EU, enabling them to then borrow billions that surely did not go to the Greek people.

The astrology paints a different picture than what is being paraded in the media this week with the musical chair governments. The time they have bought is very short. I wrote here on October 27th to “Watch Out” and to be prepared for a turn in the markets.  October 27th will prove to be another high in the markets that we won’t surpass for quite awhile. I also suggested there would be another banking/trading scandal involving Goldman Sachs. Four days later MFGlobal went bankrupt in what will turn out to be a breach in their trading platform. I illustrated the Russian programmer, Sergey Aleynikov who while employed at Goldman, stole proprietary codes from their trading platform and sent it to sources in Germany. When Sergey was tried in federal court there was concern regarding Goldman’s ability to protect their trading platform from further breaches that could endanger the entire United States markets.


The type of trade and leverage that MF Global set up is beyond the realm of illegal, it was treason. Most likely the Federal Reserve and possibly other Fed member banks were aware and possibly involved in what MF Global did. How does a Fed member bank set up that type of deal with out a “nod”. The famous line “show me the money” has got to be on every traders mind. It seems the money just disappeared into the black hole out in space.

Greece and Italy are also moving closer to the point of no return. Saturn is at 23 degrees Libra (Libra represents the balance of scales and karma) and is making a square to Jupiter and then Neptune in the Fed Chart. Saturn is father time who keeps a perfect set of books. These transits represent bankruptcy and a moral crises within the financial sector. When the financial charade of these countries start to unravel you can just go down the list of New York banks, they are all at risk.

There is a total lunar eclipse on December 10th that will bring the unraveling of the financial charade and illusion of an economy that is growing. Traditionally November and December are positive for the markets, this year could break the tradition. Neptune makes the final conjunction to a black hole in space on December 22, 2011. There is a potential for a very large scale disaster on the 22nd. These events are not positive for the markets.

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