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A quick heads up with  Friday the 13th just around the corner , and a few significant astrological events that should be noted.   On Friday Mars will move direct from 3 degree Virgo and could ignite a domestic crises, I would also not rule out another natural disaster.   Mars moving direct could also bring a spike up in oil.

Adding fuel to the fire is the Sun peaking in a square to the U.S. Mercury in the 8th house of investments, 401k’s, retirement accounts,  international finance, that could produce another serious correction for the markets.  We could see the markets stabilize on April 16th and move up again.  Be ready for quick moves in both directions.  There could be another setback on April 19th.

Pluto also moved retrograde on the 10th, reversing the momentum that was gained from the grand trine with Jupiter, Mars, and Venus in mid March.  The retrograde for Pluto is significant for the status of the United States, the dollar,  the rights of the individual states, and means the nation may have to go through a very trying period until in January 2013 when Pluto will finally reach 10 degree Capricorn, which is very positive for the markets and the status of the nation.  The Pluto retrograde could be a sign that  the presidential elections in November are potentially shrouded in scandal leading to a challenge to the leadership and voting process in January 2013.

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